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The Gospel of Judas is a second century Gnostic gospel, written in Coptic, which was discovered in the twentieth century and publicly unveiled in 2006.The Gospel portrays the apostle Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, in a more positive light than can be found in the New Testament accepted by Christianity. According to the traditional canonical Gospels, Judas betrayed Jesus.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ names 12 apostles to spread his gospel, and the early Christian church owes its rapid rise to their missionary zeal. Yet, for most of the Twelve, there’s scant evidence.

The name Judas (Ὶούδας) is a Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Judah (יהודה, Y e hûdâh, Hebrew for "God is praised"), which was an extremely common name for Jewish men during the first century AD, due to the renowned hero Judas Maccabeus. Consequently, numerous other figures with this name are mentioned throughout the New Testament. In the Gospel of Mark 3:13-19, the earliest of.

"It is not every day that you find a lost gospel," Mr. Garcia said. nothing to someone who would have saved it." Last week, National Geographic began a large campaign for the Gospel of Judas,

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[Ferrini really did keep a lot of the Gospel of Judas — his bits sent to Cairo] (29th October 2010) April DeConick summarises a journal article here:. I just received offprints of an article published in the first volume of Mohr Siebeck’s new journal Early Christianity (link HERE).The article is a preliminary report written by Herbert Krosney, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst about the status.

AMID much publicity last year, the National Geographic Society announced that a lost 3rd-century religious text had been found, the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. The shocker: Judas didn’t betray Jesus.

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The publishing rights of the recently found "lost" gospel of Judas Iscariot–which was converted into a made-for-TV spectacular on Sunday, April 9 on the National Geographic Channel–was secured by.

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"It is not every day that you find a lost gospel," Garcia said. She received a reduced sentence that was suspended. According to National Geographic, Tchacos Nussberger bought the Judas document.

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Apr 10, 2006. In this web site we developed for National Geographic, visitors can examine fragments of the Gospel of Judas codex, learn about its analysis,

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The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic gospel whose content consists of conversations between Jesus and Judas Iscariot.It is thought to have been composed in the second century by Gnostic Christians, not by Judas, since it contains late-2nd-century theology. The only copy of it known to exist is a Coptic language text that has been carbon dated to AD 280, plus or minus 60 years.

The discovery and translation of a document lost for 1,700. characters — Judas Iscariot. National Geographic researchers say the discovery of the leather-bound codex — a book with 66 pages of.

National Geographic said the unknown author of the manuscript believed Judas alone understood the true significance of Jesus’ teachings. “This lost gospel, providing information on Judas Iscariot –.

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The text is called the Gospel of Judas. co-production with the National Geographic Society, Day to Day host Alex Chadwick talks with Herb Krosney, author of The Lost Gospel, a new book about how.

The translators, it seems, played fast and loose with the material: Amid much publicity last year, the National Geographic Society announced that a lost 3rd-century religious text had been found, the.

Questions have arisen about the group of scholars who collaborated with National Geographic in its recent T.V. special about the “discovery” and contents of the alleged Gospel of Judas.

James Cameron is producing a 90-minute film for the Discovery Channel entitled, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," claiming that the actual bones of Jesus of Nazareth were buried in a tomb near Jerusalem.

A long-lost gospel that casts. A call from National Geographic, however, was a "big deal," Barabe said. "It was both thrilling and an honor," he added. The Society wanted to find out if the Gospel.

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The event feels uncomfortably hyped; there is an accompanying book, “The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot” (National Geographic; $27), by Herbert Krosney, devoted to the tale of.

As he notes in his foreword to writer and filmmaker Herbert Krosney’s The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot (National Geographic, $27), far from being the ultimate traitor, "in.

BBC News – Judas – evil or misjudged? BBC News – Gospel of Judas; BBC Thought For The Day – Is Judas tragic rather than evil? National Geographic – Read the Gospel of Judas

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On Thursday it was unveiled by the National Geographic Society, which is publishing the text. Princeton University professor Elaine Pagels said she thinks the Judas gospel will alert contemporary.

After 1,700 years, the Gospel. National Geographic headquarters today and will go on public view tomorrow at the National Geographic Museum. All pages will eventually be returned to Egypt and.

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The long-lost Gospel of Judas, published earlier this month by the National Geographic Society, gives a180-degree different view of Judas Iscariot than is found in the New Testament. It also has a.

The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot audiobook cover art. A National Geographic special introduced tens of millions of viewers to one of the most important.

The National Geographic Society published a book by Herb Krosney (The Lost Gospel: The Search for the Gospel of Judas), which tells the story of illegal looting, attempts to sell, mutilation and years.

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National Geographic billed it as a "lost gospel." Christians long have known about the gospel of Judas and considered it heretical — even though they didn’t have an entire copy. Much of what.

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Mr. Robinson’s book, "The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and his Lost Gospel" (Harper San Francisco. The effort, organized by the National Geographic, was supported by.

HOUSTON (BP)–A new book by a biblical scholar at Rice University refutes the claims of the National Geographic Society in 2006 that a third- or fourth-century fragment of the Gospel of Judas depicted.