Spiritual Ley Lines

While doing the post on Sacred Geometry, I came across something interesting, Ley lines, and the following night I ended up hearing a music track called ley.

A sceptical Gemma Bowes joins the mystical Society of Ley Hunters for a bizarre, spiritual trip to the beautiful isle of Lundy.

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Apr 07, 2007  · Ley lines Discussion in ‘Spirit-Filled / Charismatic’ started by. I agree that we shouldn’t play with fire by trying to pull down thru spiritual mapping, etc–it would just rile up the spirits and we could get ‘bit’. points to say Leylines being at one place & one time & wants them abolished doesn’t mean He wants us to focus on those.

Feb 18, 2013. Many sacred sites around the world are in fact interconnected through energetic pathways or leylines and electromagnetic currents.

Just like we have veins that flow in and out of the heart, Mother Earth has Ley Lines, which are lines of energy that coil around the earth in a similar fashion as a.

With myths, legends and ley lines, Glastonbury is Somerset’s spiritual capital. I already knew that many healing practices could be tried out there, but when I found out about didgeridoo sound healing.

A sceptical Gemma Bowes joins the mystical Society of Ley Hunters for a bizarre, spiritual trip to the beautiful isle of Lundy.

Earth energies and Ley lines have intrigued me and as such I have been doing some reading on the subject, many people ask what they are so I will share with.

Mar 14, 2018. Ley lines were first theorized in 1921, and since then, the debate. lines,” and in doing so opened a world of supernatural and spiritual beliefs.

Joseph of Arimathea was a saint but was also familiar with pagan magick – he planted his staff on Wearyall Hill at the intersection of ley lines to bring the energy of his spiritual practices back to the sacred land of Atlantis.

Today, ley lines are believed by many to connect spiritual or mystical places called vortexes, that emit energy or psychic power that can harm or heal the body.

Feb 11, 2017. To begin, Tucson itself is a major energetic vortex in North America, sitting along an important ley line in the center of powerful mountain ranges.

Freemasonry, Astrology, and the Washington D.C. Street Plan. Pity that when the ordinary person seeks to use the divination arts for their own personal physical and spiritual empowerment, They also keep the secrets of ancient ley lines and continue building along them. For instance the cities of Boston, New York,

In 1969, John Michell published a book called “The View Over Atlantis” and attributed ley lines with spiritual and mystical theories about alignments of land forms.

She asks the audience if they want to get high: this being Glastonbury, the answer is a resounding yes. She talks about ley lines. She reminisces about the days when she played in an outlying tea tent.

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Unlike the modern use of the word that has a spiritual connotation, the Watkins ley lines also included waterways, naturally forming ridges and various routes.

Movie producer and noted sports fan Spike Lee will serve as executive producer and as one of the panelists, live from the New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. King’s spiritual home. Outside.

Usually they are found near volcanoes, monolithic rock formations, and the poles, places where the Earth’s ley lines or magnetic lines are found. more about them on a biochemical level. On a.

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Gaia’s soul—Lines of consciousness emanate from a field of consciousness and carry God’s essence around the world. They are what many would call “Ley Lines”. Spirit lines dynamically interact with the consciousness (thoughts, actions, deeds) that it meets along its path and can magnify the power of the field of consciousness or inhibit it by covering it with samsakaras.

In Puerto Vallarta, these ley lines are overflowing with elemental powers that are sacred to the Shamans, Medicine men, Huichol healers, Guru’s, Channelers, and spiritual teachers. Their energy inspires artists and writers who live there.

EARTH GRIDS PORTALS & VORTEXES Published on August 9, 2015 August 9, We also have the Crystalline Grid, Ley lines as mentioned that are linked with crystals, rocks, standing circles or.

Or that the ‘Buckingham Palace ley line’ runs underneath the Victoria Apollo. If you think about it, half the shows on in the West End are about ghosts.’ ‘Haunted West End Theatres’ by Ian John.

Alignments of ancient monuments or significant sites, Ley Lines form routes or tracks that are said to hold spiritual or mystical properties. Originally coined by.

Ley Lines And The Connection To Adverse Spiritual Phenomena. Everything in existence has energy, some are physical energies (electrical fields), some are.

His existence in the many churches of northern Europe, then, suggested a connection to a pre-Christian, spiritual relationship with the. Arthurian characters and believed in the power of ley lines.

Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are apparent alignments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures. The pseudoscientific belief that these apparent lines are not accidental speculates that they are straight navigable paths and have spiritual significance.

Ley lines can be the product of ancient surveying, property markings, or commonly. Separate from other spiritual theories of ley lines (and likely used for.

All ley lines lead to the planetary Grid, the primary light and energy matrix, creating, The Grid is the spiritual link for the blending of cosmic and terrestrial.

Jun 27, 2017. Leylines are the meridians of planet earth. of conductive metal (copper is best), or buy them for a reasonable sum at your local Spiritual Shop.

Apr 5, 2018. In 1969, writer John Michell wrote in his book, The View Over Atlantis, that ley lines had spiritual and mystical qualities that seemingly affected.

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In Anzeri’s altered landscapes, the mysterious emanations from both the natural and built environment suggest unseen phenomena, and allude to the spiritual and mystical. Lay it on the Line is Anzeri’s.

Aug 31 2017 posted to Spiritual. The Ley Lines convey vitality between the vibrational focuses at which they meet, and as it happens, those crossing points are.

Religious Temples on the World Grid. October 22, 2011 By Rod Maupin 6 Comments. A few years later I decided that we live on a Ley Line, and that flying saucers somehow get energy from them. Our house has always seemed rather spooky. Some very strange things have happened here. I attribute it to our living on a Ley Line.

Five hundred years later, though the fake breast milk has moved on, Stanford feels similar aversion, the Norfolk shrine’s reputation obliterating its spiritual history. even finds himself wondering.

The spiritual workers burned sage and sulfur and instructed the. "Although Bagans destroyed the house, it does not mean that a ley line or an energy vortex, a literal gateway into this dimension.

Findhorn, Scotland: Key Celtic/Druid Ley Line: Calendish megaliths, Loch Ness, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodger. I give In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database permission to collect and use my data submitted in this form. Also known under the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno, the Bulgarian Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a being.

However, something about the farm’s setting amid a confluence of ley lines inspired Kerr to think that he might. and stimulate “the Earth’s nervous system”. It spoke of spiritual reawakening,

the strange practices of Russian guru George Gurdjieff and New Age speculations about Ley lines, Atlantis and cosmic consciousness. [A summer book list like no other: Michael Dirda picks 11 hidden.

The stage sat over a blind spring, located using dowsing, on the Glastonbury-Stonehenge ley-line. The intention was that this point. a respect for nature and life; and a spiritual awakening. Things.

We are leaving a mark on the landscape, not in a physical, disruptive manner, but in a harmonious, spiritual sense. What are the millions of routes recorded on Strava if not modern-day ley lines? But.

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Mar 13, 2013  · The Findhorn community is a well-known spiritual community in Scotland situated on a peninsula with, at its tip, the old village of Findhorn. My book “Ley Lines and Earth energies” gives an insight into the strange qualities of ley lines and my latest book “Ley Lines of the UK and USA” shows conclusively that the leys.

Phelan’s diagrammatic drawings hint at hidden links between structures and locations, patternssuch as ley lines, and he has provided a soundtrack. to find and celebrate a unified spiritual.

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In January, the Tibetan spiritual leader’s website said he would appear at Glastonbury. Andrew Kerr persuaded Michael Eavis to have another the following year. Kerr dowsed the ley lines to.

In Anzeri’s altered landscapes, the mysterious emanations from both the natural and built environment suggest unseen phenomena, and allude to the spiritual and mystical. Lay it on the Line is Anzeri’s.

Leylines do have several names. Ley-lines are also called meridians and gaialines. Because many leylines lie between sacred places, leylines are called sacred lines too. Both the leylines as the energylines that are called geopathic stress, consist both of as well cosmic as earthly energy. When energylines cross a magic square energy is.

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Oct 1, 2018. Ley Lines are our direct connection to Gaia. from these energy lines and so they marked them for their own spiritual and physical benefit.

I’d assumed the Santiago Camino had Christian roots and wouldn’t appeal to a spiritual seeker.why did it appeal to you? author_shirley_maclaine: Because the Camino Santiago is said to lie directly.

And now you must entertain them. For better or worse, Glastonbury is more than a festival. The ageing hippies say the ley lines and spiritual energy make it a place of mysticism and magic. Even if you.

Appendix I. Extract: Australia Earth Grid/Leyline info published by Despatch in 1989 Vol.1:3 pp.18-19; & 1990 Vol. 2:2 p.51 THE PATH OF THE RAINBOW SERPENT. The New Agers believe in LEY LINES, or TELLURGIC EARTH ENERGY [see appendix II] (or non Telluric) – currents which are said to run through the ground.These are being "mapped" around the world.

Strategic spiritual ley lines will be established as we partner to plant these trees. The region of Gilgal is where Joshua and Caleb crossed the Jordan and where Yeshua was baptized by John the Baptist.

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I saw a bloke stroll down one of the festival’s makeshift ley lines and just put a match to a pile of rubbish. It wasn’t so much an act of pyromania as the offering of a small prayer, the elemental,