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In an attempt to receive the American Humor Award for his first special, Mande enlists the help of his famous friends including Bo Burnham and Blake Griffin. smoke weed and listen to Deion Sanders.

More laughs are coming your way from Netflix this summer. The streaming service has announced it will release five new stand-up specials in upcoming months from Ali Wong, Bo Burnham, Jim Jefferies,

And after rounding out Derry Girls’ hugely successful second series, Enya also showed up on the soundtrack to Bo Burnham’s hugely successful indie film Eighth Grade. As it stands, the sonorous lilt of.

Ethan Hawke and Glenn Close took the prizes for best male lead and best female lead, respectively. Bo Burnham took the best first screenplay trophy for “Eighth Grade” and Nicole Holofcener and Jeff.

Eighth Grade writer and director Bo Burnham was especially tickled when the drag queen gave his film some love, eating a chicken nugget while singing, “If you want more sauce, baby, you can have mine.

Bo Burnham. project won’t be Burnham’s first venture into songwriting. The comedian first gained an audience by releasing musical comedy videos on YouTube, writing original songs that touched on.

If the current pop cultural onslaught of excruciating (yet hilarious) works surrounding the horrors of middle and high school — "Big Mouth" and "Sex Education" on Netflix, "Pen15" on Hulu and Bo.

Bo Burnham insists his directorial debut "Eighth Grade" wouldn’t have been possible without Fisher’s amazing presence, deftly capturing every ounce of anxiety we felt in middle school. The steady.

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In the time since that album was released, she scored Bo Burnham’s critically acclaimed film Eighth Grade and released Anno—her interpretation of a Vivaldi masterpiece. 01 Sawbones 02 Inhale Exhale 03.

Netflix has just announced a slew of original comedy specials that will be premiering over the coming months. First comes Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra, aptly named as Wong was seven months pregnant when she.

It’s probably a coincidence that Bo Burnham’s latest stand-up comedy special, Bo Burnham: Make Happy, debuts on Netflix the same day The Lonely Island’s movie arrives in theaters. Probably. I say that.

Burnham has always drawn heavily from pop music – his catchiest tune, Oh Bo, is a critique of mainstream hip hop – and he continues that, turning his attentions to modern country’s cliche-ridden.

“I was told very often that I was a comedian only for 13-year-old girls, and f*ck yeah I am,” Bo Burnham exclaimed at the Independent Spirit Awards earlier this year, while the.

YouTube phenom-turned-director Bo Burnham makes a bold statement about our growing alienation and uncertainty in an unblinking social media reality, but in the funniest, sweetest, most relatable way.

His album Drunk Texts to Myself touches on a flabbergasting variety of musical styles. One of the youngest comedians on the scene, Bo Burnham rode a wave of YouTube popularity to a massive career.

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In his brave, striking, spectacular writing and directing debut, comedian Bo Burnham empathizes with and exposes the heart of the American teenage girl. He is able to succinctly sum up the pain and.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT Just out of high school, Zach (Bo Burnham) is going to be famous. He says so. To both record his ascent to fame as well as enable this eventual ascent, he has collected all the money.

More laughs are coming your way from Netflix this summer. The streaming service has announced it will release five new stand-up specials in upcoming months from Ali Wong, Bo Burnham, Jim Jefferies,

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Just look at last summer: Evangeline Lilly crushed it as the Wasp, Josh Brolin dominated the box office, comedian Bo Burnham directed his first movie "Eighth Grade," and the cast of "Crazy Rich Asians.